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3/20/2012 Hazmat incident (broken water pipe) Troy Rd. by Mike Benson Jr.
        At approximately 1805hrs the EGFD was transmitted for a reported Hazmat Incident at a department store in the northern end of the Fire District. Car 1 and Car 4 arrived and Car 4 assumed fire command. Engine 8 arrived moments after the Chief units under the helm of Captain G. Forgea. Engine 8's crew entered the building and it was determined after an investigation that this was not a HAZMAT incident. Information received from the Chiefs revealed a forklift struck an interior water pipe. Captain Forgea and his 6 man crew determined a sprinkler head was struck near an interior loading dock. The pipe was observed lying on the ground upon entry to the backroom.
        Rescue 11 under the helm of Captain M. Benson Jr. arrived with a 5 man crew and they shut the water off to the entire department store. The power to a nearby heating unit was also isolated to minimize any further incident. The majority of the water had flowed out of the building through the loading dock doors. Crews operated on scene for approximately 50 minutes and the building was turned back over to the department store Manager. Total units operating on scene were Car 1, Car 2, Car 4, E-8, R-11, E-9.