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11/11/2012 Structure Fire
        At approximately 1330 hours the East Greenbush Fire department was alerted for a reported shed fire in a residential area. Cars 1 and 2 responded and had a column of smoke visible from the Turnpike. Engine 7 under the command of Lt. Becker arrived first and confirmed a well involved shed fire with a working brush fire. The crew of E7 stretched the 200 ft of 1-¾ preconnect and began fire suppression. Engine 8 took the driveway of a neighboring house and stretched 300ft to the fire building and also hand stretched to the closest hydrant to secure a water source while Rescue 11 layed a line to engine 7. The crew from engine 9 operated one handline and assisted with fire suppression and overhaul.
        Crews operated for just over an hour with 3 engines one rescue and a stand by crew manning the truck company in quarters. Car 1 operated with 24 members, at the time of this article the fire was under investigation