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3/13/2015 Multiple Calls by Greg Forgea.
        Friday 13th turned out to be a busy day for the EGFD. The afternoon started off with a two vehicle personal injury auto accident on Troy Road. Cars 3 and 4 along with engine 8 and the rescue responded to this call. After chief officers arrived it was determined that all EGFD units could return to service. Bruen Rescue Squad transported two for evaluation only.
        After clearing the accident 30 minutes earlier, pagers were again activated this time for a reported vehicle fire. Car 3 arrived and found a working vehicle fire close to a house and requested the alarm be re dispatched as a full department response. Car 4 along with the crew from engine 8 stretched at 1 ¾ line and started fire suppression. The crew from engine 7 pulled a foam line and assisted with overhaul and fire suppression. Rescue 11 arrived on scene and began containing the fuel that was leaking from the cars gas tank. Units operating on scene were cars 2, 3 and 4, engine 7 and 8, rescue 11 and fire police.
        Once members cleaned up from the two earlier calls, most went down to our Park station for the first of our fish nights. Our fish nights will run every Friday night through April 3rd. While fish night was slowing down the pagers again went off, this time for a second alarm fire with Clinton Heights. Cars 1, 3 and 4 along with engine 9 all operated at the multi alarm fire. Engine 9 secured a secondary water source and laid into the scene. The crew of 10 from engine 9 split up stretching a backup line and assisting with overhaul and checking for extension. The first in crew from Clinton Heights made a hard initial knock on this fire keeping it in check.