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02/18/2016 Fuel Spill Port of Rensselaer.
       Shortly after returning from the multi alarm fire in Castleton, East Greenbush was alerted for a reported large fuel spill in the Port of Rensselaer. Car 1 (D/C Lehmann) took command, Car 2 (A/C Dick) took staging, and Car 4 (A/C Forgea) took operations. All first due East Greenbush fire units took a position at staging until an initial assessment of the scene could be completed.

       Initial investigation found that a truck being filled had an overflow spilling approximately 500-800 gallons of gasoline. Command requested Engine 9 into the scene and had them stretch a foam line as a precaution. Engine 8 hooked up to a hydrant inside the facility's gate, and Engine 7 laid an LDH line from Engine 8 into the scene. Command requested the Rensselaer County HAZMAT team to respond as well as the county foam trailer, which is staged in Clinton Heights.

        After further investigation and inspection with facility officials and the HAZMAT team, it was determined that 200-300 gallons actually spilled and that the scene was secure. This was a multi-agency operation which included officials from the local, county and state level. The Scene was turned back over to the facility around 8pm. The NYS DEC and port officials were overseeing the cleanup effort. No injuries were reported and the cause of the spill is still under investigation.