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03/23/2016 2 calls by Tom Whittemore.
       At approximately 11:34 Wednesday morning, the East Greenbush Fire Department was dispatched for a reported car fire endangering a structure on Columbia Turnpike. Engines 7, 8, 9 and Truck 11 called enroute and were advised by East Greenbush dispatch that the fire was in the rear portion of the store complex. Engine 9 arrived first and stretched a line to extingish the fire with help from the crews of the other appartus and a Best Luther firefighter who was in the area. There was no damage to the buildings.

        A couple of hours later, pagers were again activated, this time for a reported rollover traffic accident somewhere on Michel Rd. Police units located the vehicle in the middle of the S turns and found the young unharmed occupants out of the vehicle. Engine 7 returned to quarters while Engine 8 continued to the scene. After the towtruck removed the vehicle Engine 8 returned to service.