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04/12/2016 Propane Drill. By Greg Forgea
       On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, the East Greenbush Fire Department conducted live fire training which was held at our fire headquarters. District line officers were able to secure an instructor and support staff as well as a propane truck for the burn evolution. The support staff and propane for the evening were provided by John Ray & Sons.
       The drill started with line officers and members setting up supply and attack lines as well as securing the area. Once the drill site was prepared, members moved inside to conduct a brief refresher class on how to deal with propane emergencies. At the conclusion of the refresher class, members were broken up into four groups, each being assigned a Captain. Throughout the course, each group was able to participate in four live fire situations. For each burn, members had to work as a group to shut off a propane tank that was actively leaking and on fire.
        The fire district would like to thank John Ray & Sons as well as the instructor and support staff that came and put on the training.