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04/20/2016 Dave Cook's "A Moment in History". (Not presented due to Brush Fire.)

A Moment in History.

      Schoharie County Pump out detail. Part of NYS Mutual Aid move up. ¼ mile of blacktop on hillsides, roads homes gone...

      April 06, 1991


      Hip boots, embers in boots, hose in boots

     Tug Boat? 4/6/91 Note safety Bar added as aftermarket Pull it in, or Lift it up

     What a handsome young officer Note booster line – eventually policy evolved to simply put a 2 ½ filler hose in the dumpster and fill them up.

     June 6, 1991 Millcreek Apartments Occupant had a gas grill fail. Greased burned through the hose and the hose became a flamethrower on the side of the building. Fire went straight into common roof area. 2nd alarm called for Ladder 3rd alarm called for tarping and salvage Chief DAC Operations was Elwin Michael

     Job Well Done – no injuries

     Note the boots and turn out gear on the side of the trucks

     Our first Utility 11 Donated by Sunoco from the Port. On the left is Treminal Manager Dick Prashaw turning over the owners papers to Chief Tordoff. Unit was filled with Hazmat response equipment, and stored in the North Station. For a long time, not much could tow due to its weight

     Who knows where, or when It was a drill.

     Louie, Tom White?

     Winter 1993 We will see this fire one more time..

     So we had this small nozzle that the little guys could put in their pockets…

     Gulf was annoyed with the FD because the fire police had put flares out to stop the traffic. There were no leaks, no fumes, and no danger, but the Gulf employees only knew they had a truck accident…

     And 11-6 is at Chief Becker’s truck fire… looks like an I-90 call

     Normally not enough excitement to include this photo, but I could not help but admire Dude’s haircut…

     Don’t know who, when or where, but a cool photo…

     So is this a Really Bad day, or a Really Good day? I-90 over Miller Rd., don’t know the year. Guessing early 80s

     Our very own 1990’s Envoy of Friendship, Robert Snapper Snyder, a transferee, like Tom Chesser, from BLFD… Elwin, how did we happen to inherit this guy?

     Our Asst Chief, Rick Williams and his driver, Walter… Probably at one of our Valley Stream Trips of Brotherly Love. For those who do not know we are a sister company with Valley Stream, NY, Tim B or Chuck H fill them in please…

     1st training class July 1991 1st call was to Rt. 4 over I-90 for a truck fire full of hay.



     What a couple of cuties… Mike Benson, we have on the left Winslow, Walter, Clark and Nancy Williams…