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05/18/2016 Dave Cook's "A Moment in History". (Not presented.)

A Moment in History.

     December 21, 1977 Phillips Rd.

      Hampton Manner Lake. Eric Cullum, Jim Michel, Robert Cook, Marty Miller.

      United Methodist Church. Chief Frank Becker on ladder.

     Brown Derby. Moved more apparatus than any other fire that year.

     Note the stars.


     Gathering the Evidence. Chuck Hellmuth, Chief in the Bag, burned his rear while starting a drill fine in a house next to the Viking Dairy Bar Robert Cook on Left, Ted Michel Past Chief on right.

      Unknown. Possibly Hair Salon on Bri-Lan. Heavy floor level smoke from basement fire

     Roxy Cleaners aftermath during investigation. 1979 Tom White on Left, DAC on Right. Dennis Cole fire

     Hal Siegal, Chris Linck.

      Fix it ourselves

     Jim Van Buren Chris Lavin

     Robert Stark Senior, Joe Cherubino squatting, Chris Lavin in the door, ?, Tony Mitchell.

     Dunn Memorial Bridge 1971-72. Right to Left: Bill Sinnott, John Leavitt

     1979. Birch’s Motors Columbia TPK Schodack, Jack Tomisman on bottom

      1974 or 75. Jack V Wheeler’s House off Contractor building Bella Vista 1 and 2. Heavy winter storm limited FD ability to get to firehouse.

     Captain Ray Peck on right. Maybe Ed Rose driver. Note scott pack holder, axe and extinguisher. Exact same equipment in exact same spot on every truck. No looking for items…. Standard locations…

     Dikant Fatal. December 29, 1978. Mother, daughter, and son killed by drunk driver on 9J. Father was Nassau/Schodack Cop - responded to call.


     Jan 1980 Pres Tony Mitchell Jim Van Buren Car 2 Frank Becker Car 1 Elwin Michel Car 3 Tim Tordoff VP