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8/17/2016 & 8/18/2016 last two runs for Spartan/LTI Truck 11.
       At approximately 7:19 PM on Wednesday August 17th, the East Greenbush fire department was dispatched for a reported gas leak in a business on Troy Rd. Truck 11, Engine 9 and Engine 7 responded and determined the leak to be in the meter. National Grid arrived and fire department units were released.
       At 11:12 AM the East Greenbush Fire Department was dispatched to assist Bruen Rescue with a construction accident on Elliot Rd. Truck 11, Engine 9 and Rescue 11 responded to help lift the patient carefully onto the stretcher.
       These calls are significant to the history of our department because they represent the last two calls for the 1991 Spartan/LTI Truck 11 which has now been replaced by the 2015 Pierce Truck 11. Kudos to Tom Kennedy as the last member to drive the old Truck 11 to an emergency call, (worthy of the photo taken while parked at the scene).