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11/9/2017 Mutual Aid Fire in Port of Rensselaer. By Mike Benson Jr.
       On Thursday afternoon at approximately 15:18hrs the members of the East Greenbush Fire Department were alerted by the town of East Greenbush Emergency Communications Center for a mutual aid request requiring a full department response for the Port of Rensselaer tanker box 2nd alarm assignment. The Rensselaer City Fire Department requested the tanker box assignment as they were operating at 54 Riverside Avenue for a butane tank fire in the Port of Rensselaer.
       As Car 4 was enroute to the call he was updated from the on duty dispatcher that Truck 11 was requested on the full assignment, and their job would be to assist with cooling the tanks at the site. Car 4 was also advised from dispatch that the first due engine company was to enter the port via Tellers Crossing. Car 4 arrived on scene shortly after the dispatch along with Car 2. Car 4 advised Car 2 to assume the role of staging officer on Riverside Avenue until the apparatus had specific assignments from Rensselaer Fire Car 2. Car 4 summoned EGFD E-8 to cover the Rensselaer City North Station until RFD apparatus were free to cover the city. At the same time the East Greenbush Emergency Communications Center notified Rensselaer County BPS to dispatch Nassau Fire with an ETA and Wynantskill Fire with a truck company to cover East Greenbush Fire District No. 3 until apparatus were released.
       The fire was fully knocked down by Rensselaer Fire personnel and the issue with the butane tank was isolated. With the situation fully mitigated Rensselaer FD Car 2 released all mutual aid companies with the exception of Engine 8 to continue to briefly cover the city. Engine 8 was released 20 minutes after the other apparatus were released as RFD Engine 2 was fully staffed to cover their city.
       EGFD units remained on scene for approximately a half hour before being returned to service. Thanks to the Nassau and Wynantskill Fire Departments for briefly covering our district while our agency operated on the tanker box assignment. Units operating for the incident: Car 2, Car 4, Engine 7, Engine 8, Truck 11, and Rescue 11.