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2019 Story Index. Click to go to story.

   1/9/2019 Train Derailment in Hoosick Falls.
   1/8/2019 Services for Bill Sigsby.
   1/15/2019 Business fire in Nassau.(Marty Miller Specials).
   1/18/2019 Car Accident Michal Rd.
   1/19/2019 Car Accident Troy Rd Exit 9.
   2019 Installation Banquet by Peter Lehmann.
   1/25/2019 Funeral of Past Chief Art Ferguson of the Averill Park Fire Department.

   2/4/2019 Car Fire Troy Rd at I-90 Exit 9.
   2/25/2019 Wind Storm Trees and Wires down.

   3/9/2019 Gas Leak.
   3/9/2019 Pizza Night.
   3/10/2019 Structure Fire Community Way.
   3/27/2019 Structure Fire Donnelly Dr.
   3/28/2019 Car into Pole Elliot Rd.
   3/22/2019 Fish and Chips Night.

   4/9/2019 Captain's Drill.
   4/15/2019 Pump out.
   4/18/2019 I-90 Car accident.
   4/23/2019 Training Drill at Columbia High School.
   4/27/2019 Public Education at YMCA.
   4/27/2019 RecruitNY event.

   Marty Miller Special Photos.
   5/21/2019 Mutual Aid Fire in City of Rensselaer.
   5/25/2019 Memorial Day Parade.

   5/31/2019 Car accident & 6/4/2019 Car accident.
   6/15/2019 Chief Timothy Boel Elected.
   6/28/2019 Chris Lavin Retirement. By East Greenbush Police Department.

   7/8/2019 Car accident at Upper Mannix Circle.
   7/9/2019 Hydrant Drill.
   7/19/2019 Car accident on Columbia Turnpike.
   7/23/2019 Drafting Drill
   7/25/2019 House hit by lightning Couse Pl.

   8/6/2019 Nassua Mutual Aid Tanker Drill.
   8/13/2019 Car accident Columbia Turnpike.
   8/16/2019 Mutual Aid during storm in Defreestville.
   8/20/2019 Barbara J. Lehmann Scholarship Program.
   On Tuesday afternoon at approximately 5:30PM, a severe thunder and lightning storm hit East Greenbush dumping 5 inches of rain in a hour.
   8/26/2019 Car accident Columbia Turnpike.

   9/07/2019 Green County Parade.
   9/8/2019 20th EGFD Life Members Day.
   9/17/2019 Car accident Greenwood Drive.

   9/18/2019 Car accident Michael Rd.

   9/27/2019 Molasses Tanker Fire I-90.
   10/8/2019 Schodack Island Drafting Drill.

   10/29/2019 Mutual Aid fire Castleton.

   11/02/2019 EGFD Ladies Auxiliary Craft Fair.

   11/20/2019 car rollover on Columbia Turnpike.

   11/21/2019 Car accident Columbia Turnpike.

   11/22/2019 Gas Leak.

   11/26/2019 Pump out.

   12/3/2019 Structure Fire Columbia Turnpike.

   12/7/2019 Town Christmas Parade.

   12/14/2019 Wreaths across America.

   12/14/2019 Santa at Pizza Night.

   12/21/2019 EGFD Adult Christmas Party.

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